A great engineer once said, “The most elegant designs are simple.”

At Goliath Tech of California, we care about your projects. If you’re the type that never settles, then we have the product for you. If you’ve never heard of screw piles well where have you been for the last 100 years? The reality is, screw piles have been around a long time but we’re new to learning about them on the west coast but in places like Miami, Fla. if you're installing a new swimming pool the local building codes demand you use nothing less than Helical(Screw) piles in your project. The good news for you, Goliath Screw Piles used Strength and Know-how to perfect our patented system. All this gives you the best and we can prove it.


Our team of certified installers uses specialized equipment adapted to the installation of helical screw piles to increase quality and precision during installation and thus guarantee optimal anchoring for each pile.

Compact and powerful, our equipment allows:

  • Protection of existing structures
  • Reaching narrow spaces
  • Reducing installation time
  • No cement mixer
  • No heavy equipment
  • No damage
  • No humping 90 lbs bags of cement anywhere
  • Start building on top of our piles as soon as they are drilled into the ground.


GoliathTech offers multiple top caps and rail connectors that secures structures for ground mounting solar panel systems. GoliathTech piles offers the strongest and most cost-effective foundation solution to mount your solar panels for any type of installation — whether your are going green at your cabin by the lake or running a a multi-gigawatt solar farm.

If you’re clients just don’t have the perfect south facing roof but they’ve got a slope that’s begging to do more for them than grow weeds we’ve got your back. Look for us on HERO Program’s energy efficient products list soon.