Foundation Solutions

What if there’s a better and more cost-effective way to build concrete foundations?

Get your concrete foundation projects done faster, and at lower cost using GoliathTech Helical Piles instead of concrete piers

Foundations can be costly to build, and in California there are frequently additional challenges with sloped or unstable soil conditions, foundation movement or cracking, or building on top of contaminated soil sites.


Goliath Tech Pile solutions: faster, lower cost, and more stable than concrete piers


Goliath helical piles replace expensive concrete piers & labor:

  • No more digging holes for concrete piers, or dealing with difficult soil conditions.
  • Goliath Piles are installed in hours not days/weeks (no more need to pour concrete piers and wait days for curing and inspection). Start pouring concrete slab within hours on top of Goliath helical piles
Goliath helical pile solutions are more stable than concrete piers, since they can be drilled deeper into the ground to achieve proper torque and foundation support
Lower cost than concrete piers: no digging trenches, no pouring piers, no waiting for curing time for concrete, and no scheduling inspections. Save time and money.
For more challenging and unstable soil conditions, such as sloped land or high water table soil or sandy/unstable soil or soil that is designated as contaminated, Goliath helical pile solutions are far superior to concrete piers in many ways. No digging or soil remediation, helical piles can be drilled further down to reach stable soil and provide solid anchoring, and helical piles can be used in sloped land without needing any grading.


What you get when you partner with Goliath Tech Piles for foundations:

Goliath provides a full service solution: fast, easy to work-with, and lower cost

  • Goliath will engineer a helical pile solution at no cost to you, and replace the need for concrete piers
  • Goliath will install the helical piles at your job site, and within hours you can pour the concrete slab on top of Goliath helical piles
  • Goliath can also provide the full service of pouring the concrete slab: a turnkey and lower-cost foundation solution
  • Projects and completed faster and at lower cost
  • Goliath helical pile solutions are superior to concrete piers, especially in unstable soil conditions



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A helical pile support system for your home or concrete slab project will save you thousands of dollars versus other solutions, and save time!

Concrete pilings can’t compete with the technological superiority and ease of installation offered by helical piles when creating a solid foundation for large structures such as homes and buildings.
Our helical piles tie into and support the rebar grid prior to pouring a concrete foundation. They are installed deep into stable soil – typically 21 feet for foundations – to support the structure, so that over time it will remain stable and resist foundation cracking.